Solved Problems and Worked Examples (By Subject)

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Numerous Worked Examples in Materials Science, Electronic Materials, Electronic Devices and Physics. See two typical samples:

pn Junction: The Shockley Model (PDF)

pn Junction: The Shockley Model (PDF)

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Elementary Materials Science Concepts

  • Units in Materials Science (PDF)
    Atomic mass, Avogadro's number, molecular mass, molar quantities, electron volts, calories.
  • Conversions in Materials Science (PDF)
    Conversions from atomic to weight percentage and vice versa
  • Atomic concentration and mean separation (PDF)
    Relationship between interatomic separation and the number of atoms per unit volume.
  • Solids: Elementary Concepts (PDF)
  • Ionic Bonding: An Example on CsCl (PDF)
  • Ionic Bonding: Madelung Constant (PDF)
  • Van Der Waals Bonding (PDF)
  • Surface and Bulk Atomic Concentrations: Separation between atoms and separation between impurities (PDF)
  • FCC Crystal Characteristics (PDF)
    Relationships between the lattice parameter, atomic radius, density and APF.
  • FCC Crystal Characteristics (PDF)
  • BCC Crystal Characteristics (PDF)
  • Diamond and Zinc Blende Crystal Structure Characteristics (PDF)
    The diamond and the zinc blende crystal structures have several similarities.
  • NaCl Crystal Characteristics (PDF)
  • Planar Concentration of Atoms in the FCC Crystal (PDF)
  • Planar Concentration of Atoms in the Diamond Crystal Structure (PDF)
  • Heat Capacity of Metals and Non-Metals: Dulong-Petit Rule and the Debye Heat Capacity (PDF)
  • Covalent Bond (PDF)
  • Electron Affinity (PDF)
  • Ionic Crystals (PDF)
  • Linear Atomic Concentration (PDF)
  • Potential Energy Curve, Bonding and Bulk Modulus (PDF)
  • The Planetary Model of the Atom (PDF)
  • Virial Theorem and the Hydrogen Atom (PDF)
  • Elementary Crystals (PDF)
  • Elementary Crystals (The Diamond Crystal Structure) (PDF)
  • Electrical and Thermal Conduction in Solids

  • Mean free path of conduction electrons in a conductor (PDF)
  • Temperature of the filament of a light bulb (PDF)
  • Electrical Conduction in Metals I: Principles (PDF)
  • Electrical Conduction in Metals II: Temperature Coefficient of Resistivity (TCR) (PDF)
  • Interconnects in ICs and Matthiessen's Rule (PDF)
  • Isomorphous Alloys (PDF)
  • Conduction electron concentration from the Hall effect (PDF)
  • Thermal and Electrical Conductivity of Metals (PDF)
  • Radiation Theory of the Electrical Fuse (PDF)
  • Elementary Quantum Physics

  • The Compton effect (PDF)
  • The ground energy of a macroscopic object (PDF)
  • The uncertainty principle and spectral width of light emmision (PDF)
  • X-Ray diffraction (PDF) 25 Nov 13 Revised
  • Modern Physics I: Four Solved Problems (PDF)
  • Bonding, the Band Theory of Solids and Statistics

  • The water molecule (H2O) (PDF)
  • X-ray emission and the density of states in a metal (PDF)
  • Semiconductors

  • Energy band diagram of an n-type semiconductor (PDF)
  • Piezoresistance: Pressure Sensor/Strain Gauge (PDF)
  • Electron-Hole Recombination in Seimiconductors and Photoconductivity (PDF)
  • Hall effect (PDF)
  • Ionization region in doped semiconductors (PDF)
  • Compensation doping of semiconductors (PDF)
  • Seebeck coefficient of semiconductors and thermal drift in semiconductor devices (PDF)
  • Diffusion (PDF)
  • Semiconductor Devices

  • pn Diffusion and drift in a pn junction (PDF)
  • pn Junction: The Shockley Model (PDF)
  • pn Forward current in a GaAs pn junction diode (PDF)
    Forward current in a direct bandgap semiconductor pn junction.
  • BJT: Calculation of the characteristics of an npn BJT (PDF)
  • BJT: Emitter bandgap narrowing effect (PDF)
  • BJT: Nonuniform base doping effect (PDF)
  • BJT: Low frequency small signal equivalent circuit (PDF)
  • Bipolar Junction Transistors at Low Frequencies: Principles and Solved Problems (PDF)
  • JFET pinch-off voltage (PDF)
  • Enhancement MOSFET and NMOST Common Source Amplifier (PDF)
  • Speed of a JFET (PDF)
  • LED Emmission Wavelength and Temperature (PDF)
  • Dielectric Materials and Insulation

  • Static electronic polarizability (PDF)
  • Relative permittivity of an ionic crystal at optical and at low frequencies (PDF).
    Calculate the relative permittivity of CsCl at low and optical frequencies.
  • Time response of a dipolar dielectric (PDF)
  • Piezoelectric coefficients (PDF)
    Piezoelectric coefficients d and g.
  • Piezoelectric spark generator (PDF)
    A better (more advanced) design of a spark generator.
  • Piezoresistance (PDF)
  • Electric Field in Coaxial Cables (PDF)
  • Magnetic Materials and Superconductivity

  • Hysteresis and eddy current losses in a transformer (PDF)
  • The ferrite antenna of an AM radio receiver (PDF)
  • Ferrimagnetic Materials and Ferrospinal Crystals (PDF)
  • Diamagnetism (PDF)
  • Mechanical Properties

  • Cold Work (PDF)
  • Elastic Deformation of a Metal Component (PDF)
  • Optical Properties

  • Complex Refractive Index and Light Absorbtion (PDF)
  • Dispersion: Refractive Index vs. Wavelength Behaviour (PDF)
  • Fresnel's Equations (PDF)
  • Polarization (PDF)
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