Selected Topics and Solved Problems (By Chapter)
Selected Topics and Solved Problems in Materials Science and Electronic Materials and Devices.

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Selected Topics

Chapter 1

  • Bonding in Molecules and Solids (PDF)
  • Ionic crystals and the Cohesive energy (PDF)
  • Diffusion: Concepts and solved problems (PDF)
  • Diffusion and Oxidation (PDF)
  • Elementary crystals (PDF)
  • Essential mechanical properties (PDF)
  • Secondary Bonding (PDF)
  • Surface tension of Crystals (PDF)
  • Thermal Expansion (PDF)
  • Constants, Units and Conversions (PDF)
  • Elements of X-Ray diffraction by crystals (PDF)
  • Chapter 2

  • Electrical and thermal conduction in Metals: Concepts and Solved problems (PDF)
  • Hall Effect (PDF)
  • Essential heat transfer for Electrical Engineers (PDF)
  • Joule's Law and Electrical Conductivity (PDF)
  • Thermal Conductivity (PDF)
  • Chapter 3

  • Compton Scattering (PDF)
  • Stimulated Emission and laser principles (PDF)
  • Stimulated Emission and optical amplifier (PDF)
  • Time-Dependent Schrodinger Equation (PDF)
  • Chapter 4

  • Hall Effect (PDF)
  • Hall Effect in Semiconductors (PDF)
  • Thermal Conductivity of solids (PDF)
  • Thermal Expansion and Gruneisens law (PDF) Revised 29 Dec 12
  • Thermoelectric effects in metals: Thermocouples (PDF)
  • Chapter 5

  • Hall Effect in Semiconductors (PDF)
  • Elements of Photoconductivity (PDF)
  • Thermoelectric effects in semiconductors; Voltage drift in semiconductor devices (PDF)
  • Transferred electron devices: Gunn Effect (PDF)
  • Chapter 6

  • Depletion MOSFET fundamentals (PDF)
  • High-Frequency Small-Signal BJT Model (PDF)
  • Photolithography and minimum line width in semiconductor fabrication (PDF)
  • The pnjunction: Diffusion or Drift (PDF)
  • Semiconductor Device fabrication (PDF)
  • ShotNoise generated by the pn junction (PDF)
  • Transistor Switches (PDF)
  • Thermoelectric effects in semiconductors; Voltage drift in semiconductor devices (PDF)
  • Chapter 7

  • Conduction in solid insulating materials (PDF)
  • Piezoelectric materials and devices elementary concepts (PDF)
  • Real and Imaginary dielectric constant (PDF)
  • Dielectric Materials: Relative Permittivity (PDF)
  • Chapter 8

  • Atomic Diamagnetism: Elementary Concepts (PDF)
  • Atomic Paramagnetism: Elementary Concepts (PDF)
  • Ferrimagnetic materials and Ferrospinel crystals (PDF)
  • Chapter 9

  • Optical dispersion and absorption in materials (PDF)
  • Real and Imaginary dielectric constant (PDF)

  • Solved Problems

    Chapter 1

  • Elementary concepts in materials science: Solids (PDF)
  • Elementary Crystals (PDF)
  • Ionic Crystals (PDF)
  • Am example in vander waals bonding (PDF)
  • Chapter 2

  • Radiation theory of the electrical fuse (PDF)
  • Metal wire strain gauge (PDF)
  • Chapter 3

  • Radiation theory of the electrical fuse (PDF)
  • Metal wire strain gauge (PDF)
  • Chapter 4

  • The water molecule: Orbitals and Bonding (PDF)
  • The water molecule (H2O) (PDF)
  • Chapter 5

  • Compensation doping of semiconductors (PDF)
  • Electron-Hole recombination in semiconductors and photoconductivity (PDF)
  • Hall effect in semiconductors (PDF)
  • Ionization region in doped semiconductors (PDF)
  • Piezoresistance: Solved Problems (PDF)
  • Chapter 6

  • Nonuniform base doping in the BJT (PDF)
  • Bipolar junction transistors at low frequencies: Principles and solved problems (PDF)
  • Design of a pn junction diode (PDF)
  • MOS field effect transistors (PDF)
  • The junction field effect transistor (JFET) (PDF)
  • LED emission wavelength and temperature (PDF)
  • pn Junction: The Shockley model (PDF)
  • Recombination current and I-V characteristics of a pn junction diode (PDF)
  • Chapter 7

  • Electric field in coaxial cable (PDF)
  • Piezoelectric materials and devices; Elementary concepts (Piezoelectric coefficients) (PDF)
  • Piezoelectric materials and devices; Elementary concepts (Piezoelectric spark generator) (PDF)
  • Relative permittivity of ionic crystals (PDF)
  • Dielectric materials: Relative permittivity (PDF)
  • Chapter 8

  • Diamagnetism: Examples (PDF)
  • Chapter 9

  • Complex refractive index and light absorption (PDF)
  • Dispersion: Refractive index vs. Wavelength behaviour (PDF)
  • Fresnel's Equations (PDF)

  • Illustrated Dictionary of Electronic Materials and Devices
  • Illustrated Dictionary; Electronic Materials (PDF)

  • Updated Power Point Slides
  • Slide45-Chapter 2 (PPT)
  • Slide24-Chapter 6 (PPT)
  • Slide30-31-Chapter 6 (PPT) (New, 20 Feb 2006)
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